Our Vision: 

Putting national interest above everything else was the driving factor that led to the setting up of The Tanzania Book of Records. The vision is to accord recognition and reverence to all national achievers and record breakers for posterity purposes and to serve a source of inspiration for others to try and earn honor and pride for the country.

Our Mission:  

The mission of Tanzania book of Records is to record and recognize human feats & achievements of Tanzanian with the aim to:

01: To support and encourage more human feats and achievements for worldwide recognition.

02: To instill the spirit of excellence among Tanzanians.

03: To complement our country's " Proud Tanzanian" campaign.

04:To provide interesting information and to enrich general knowledge of the public & tourists on Tanzanian' achievements

05: To store and exhibit outstanding achievements through the setting up of Tanzania Book Record “Museum of Achievers"

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  • Tanzania Book of Records
  • +255 715 737 302
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